Unsung Hero

The "Wow" Factor

Jenny Haase, Senior Executive Administrator & Relationship Manager, Full Circle Group / The Leadership Circle, Salt Lake City, Utah

When planning meetings and events, Jenny Haase creates memories that last and ties that bind.


Formative Years

Inspiration and replenishment were early themes for Jenny Haase, who found her passion for both while growing up amid the mountainous splendor of the Salt Lake City region. Wanting to see the world, she first envisioned a career in the travel industry. Then, in her senior year of college, she was presented with a different direction.

   “My faculty advisor invited me to work part-time at a leadership consulting company he and his partner had just launched,” says Haase, who was then wrapping up her studies in organizational communication and business administration. “I accepted and became the company’s first employee. Working closely with both founders, my wide-ranging responsibilities included helping with proposals and presentations, marketing, client relations, and planning for meetings and retreats.”

   During four “positive and rewarding” years with the company, Haase “awakened” to possibilities for her future. “My work centered on helping people and making a difference in their lives,” she recalls. “That really resonated with me as a career direction to pursue.”

   Then came motherhood, and she left the company to care for her first child. Two more would follow, along with changing, challenging life circumstances. Eventually, though, that “possibility” planted by her passion for her first job would blossom into an exciting and fulfilling new opportunity.

Full Circle

After she left the company, Haase spent 18 years in a series of full- and part-time positions, including managing the database for a department within a hospital and coordinating special projects for a check printer’s customer service center. Then, out of financial necessity, she joined another leadership consulting start-up. Just three months into the job, the CEO of her first company reached out. “Bill (Adams) and I had been in touch on and off through the years. He called and said, “I know you’re happy where you are, but would you consider coming back?”  After an 18-year absence, I rejoined the company as director of client services and Bill’s executive assistant.”

   That was 11 years ago. The company, Full Circle Group, has since allied with Ohio-based The Leadership Circle under the umbrella of Conscious Leadership. Providing consulting and assessment tools, respectively, the organizations help leaders around the world in business, government, academia, and other spheres improve their leadership.

   With an integral role in organizing, producing, and managing a full calendar of client workshops, retreats, meetings, and events throughout the year, Haase herself has grown into a leader. “I want to create exceptional experiences that are memorable, unique, and deeply impactful for each one of our practitioners and participants,” she says. “It’s what I always hoped for—the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives every day.”


Lasting Memories

Inspired by nature and the great outdoors, Haase books “beautiful places” for client meetings and events whenever possible. Enhancing the setting with flowers and other touches, she brings her passion for “replenishment and nourishment" into every phase of the group experience. “After the program, I love to surprise our participants with a photo collage that includes a group picture, plus local gifts and personalized notes,” she says. “These ‘memory anchors’ reinforce their learnings and remind them of the special time we spent together. My goal is to build communities—and bring people back.”  

  In September 2017, the organization held its inaugural Leadership Summit, designed to “Evolve the Conscious Practice of Leadership.” One participant shared with Haase that he "had no idea my DNA was going to change today." Many others pledged to register for the 2018 conference and "never miss a Summit." Early Saturday morning, right after the event, Haase got a call from Bill Adams. “He said that he 'saw and felt my fingerprints' touching everything about the experience,” she recalls. “I was so proud of our Summit Team and the incredible experience we were able to help create for our guests!  Passion is a fundamental part of leadership, and when you have great passion, amazing things become possible.”


Secure Relationships

“As a company, we were proud to nominate Jenny,” says Michael O’Connor, Charlotte, N.C.-based vice president of business development for Full Circle Group and The Leadership Circle. “We agreed that she is the epitome of the unsung hero. Our customers come to us to build long and time-standing relationships that are deep and impactful to the world. And Jenny embodies the essence of our brand—our customers see us in action when interfacing with her.”

   While her role is mostly behind the scenes, her impact is far-reaching.

   “Even when working late into the night on multi-day events, Jenny remains poised and positive,” he says. “Never complaining or showing fatigue, her disposition is truly remarkable. Her priority is the customer experience, before, during, and after the event. From anticipating and attending to the smallest details to fostering lasting client relationships, Jenny thinks about and achieves far more than any of us realize. We know Jenny and are still surprised—for clients, it’s a wow factor. The excitement she generates always makes a major impression. Our events are simply better knowing that she is involved with making them happen.”