Unsung Hero

Mission Critical

Lisa Belliveau, Executive Secretary, Osteopathic Medical Societies, Clearwater, Florida

Devoted to her profession and passionate about positive outcomes, Lisa Belliveau answers the call by going above and beyond.

Opportune Times           

In 1994, while employed by a temp agency, Lisa Belliveau was invited to interview with the Osteopathic Medical Societies of Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, under the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association. “The position was as secretary to the executive director, Dr. Kenneth Webster,” recalls Belliveau, who, content where she was, initially declined the invite. “That was until Dr. Webster’s wife, Daret, interviewing candidates on his behalf, assured me that it was a great opportunity. I went in, met them both—and Daret hired me.” 

   With “Dr. Webster seeing a future for me that I could not comprehend at the time,” Belliveau took charge of her personal development. “Coming in with only basic office skills, I dedicated myself to learning about the medical profession we serve, including taking computer classes, attending learning seminars, and reading related materials,” she says. “It was not long before Dr. Webster promoted me to executive secretary.”  

   As her skills evolved, her responsibilities grew, and today, Belliveau manages multiple fronts—including the societies’ year-long calendar of conferences, meetings, and events. “Focused on continuing medical education, certification, license renewals, grants, networking, and other areas, these gatherings are mission-critical for our organization and our members,” she says. “Our biggest events are our two annual conventions in January and July or August—and in 2017, I had to step up like never before.”

Doctor’s Note

“We hired Lisa for her youth and vitality,” recalls Dr. Webster. “Excited about the potential of this position, she was a self-starter from the outset. Loyal, hard-working, and highly professional, Lisa enjoys coming to work every day. She never complains about the workload, even when having to work on weekends. Dedicated to our profession, she strives each day to be the best secretary she can be.” 

   Lisa was Dr. Webster’s immediate first choice to run the 2017 convention in his absence. “That was the first event I’ve missed in my 30 years with the organization,” he relates. “How Lisa responded was truly an act of love for our association and the attendees at the convention. Compassion for people is one of her strongest attributes, along with her patience, understanding, and humility. As she often says, she feels privileged to work in our field.”

   And that was how Belliveau responded when Webster learned of the unsung hero opportunity: “With all that she has accomplished and contributed in her 24 years with me, nobody is more deserving of this award than Lisa,” said Dr. Webster. “She’d never seek or expect the recognition, but she is unquestionably an unsung hero.”


Shaping Up

Working closely alongside Dr. Webster, Belliveau has helped plan hundreds of meetings and events, ranging from major conferences and monthly dinner meetings to golf tournaments and cruises.

   “I am especially passionate about this part of my job, which includes organizing, promoting and soliciting registrations, contracting with hotels and restaurants, and developing the program and agenda,” she says. “With Dr. Webster’s guidance, these experiences have truly helped me to expand my horizons as a professional.”

   For the January 2017 convention, which attracted more than 700 physicians and more than 40 exhibitors, plus state and local dignitaries, she had to go it alone.

   “Dr. Webster had to miss the show due to an urgent family matter,” relates Belliveau. “At his request, I took over as convention manager.” Handling all operational phases of the four-day event, including organizing attendee registrations, ordering the food and beverage, introducing the speakers, coordinating special events, and much more, she saw everything proceed without a hitch. “I received so many compliments during and after the convention,” she says. “It was a moment of great pride for me.”

Positive Thinking

In all areas of her work, Belliveau aims to make good things happen for other people. “From fostering strong relationships with our hotel and restaurant contacts to making sure that every aspect of our meetings and events delivers a quality result, I come to work every day thinking about how I am going to make a difference,” she says. “It makes me feel I am a very important part of the process, while providing the ultimate reward and satisfaction in all that I do. Working with Dr. Webster now for 24 years, I have experienced countless positive results for our members and our organization. Without passion, you do not get positive results, and I bring that passion to my job every day.”

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