Unsung Hero

Maximum Performance

Rudy Sufri Bin Kasmuri, Audio Visual (A/V) Technician, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre (Suntec Singapore)

While operating in the background, Rudy Sufri shines the spotlight through his commitment to client success

Positive Projections

Counting music among his passions, Mr. Rudy, a bass guitarist, began performing in bands in his early 20s. “Over time, I became increasingly interested in show production, including behind-the-scenes elements such as lighting, sound and stage design,” he recalls. “This opened my eyes to the possibilities of A/V systems and technology, and I began learning more about the industry.”

   When a friend, then an A/V manager at Suntec Singapore, asked if he did freelance A/V work, Mr. Rudy saw opportunity. In 2014, after devoting himself to developing his skills further, he joined the facility’s A/V department as a part-timer. In early 2017, backed by his current manager, Winston Sze Song Inn, he became a full-time employee.

   “For me, the greatest satisfaction and reward of my work is making the client feel welcome and gaining their trust,” says Mr. Rudy. “While I am mostly behind the scenes, I feel a deep sense of connection to the client and commitment to the success of their event.”

   And on being an unsung hero? “My motto is, always expect the unexpected. But this was very unexpected. I am honored, excited and a little shy. My job is not in front of the camera, but behind it!”

Higher Standards

Winston Sze Song Inn, audio visual manager for Suntec Singapore, recognized that his lively new part-time hire was special from the outset. “Rudy helped out on the basic set-up and tear-down of our A/V equipment, but even in that role, he stood out from others,” Mr. Sze recalls. “Consistently positive, proactive and enthusiastic in his attitude and approach to work, he is always curious to learn—and always willing to help. With colleagues, he makes sure that tasks are done properly and completed before handing off to the next guy. When customers need help, he’s the first to step forward to resolve technical issues. He truly gives it his all.”
   Mr. Sze nominated his young employee as an unsung hero for the same reasons he first hired him and then recruited him to his full-time position. “In supporting nearly 1,000 conferences and events each year, our job is to provide a seamless and memorable client experience,” says Mr. Sze. “For Rudy, that’s his passion and personal commitment, and Singapore depends on people like him to maintain our high service levels.”  


Wired for Success

While Mr. Sze, Mr. Rudy and their colleagues provide clients with market-leading A/V solutions such as The Panorama, a wide-format projection screen for immersive displays and event backdrops, Suntec Singapore offers a full range of other state-of-the-art technological solutions for their conferences and events.

   Forming the facade of Suntec Singapore’s main entrance, the venue’s signature feature, The Big Picture, is the world’s largest high-definition video wall. Comprised of 664 55-inch LED flat panels, this dazzling screen provides an unforgettable first impression for arriving delegates, and can be programmed with corporate logos, welcome messages, mixed media such as still images, animations and video clips, and other displays.

   Additionally, Suntec Singapore gathers live data on event traffic for post-event analysis, enabling event organizers to improve crowd control measures and identify areas that require more service attention. The venue’s Intelligent Building Management System provides customizable lighting and air-conditioning options in all meeting spaces.

   Supporting up to 8,000 devices venue-wide, free high-speed WiFi facilitates high-powered events and on-demand content, while keeping participants seamlessly connected to their offices and contacts around the world.

Wellspring of Possibilities

Located in the heart of the energetic Marina Bay precinct, Singapore Suntec is perennially honored as a regional and global convention leader. With accolades including recognition as “Asia’s Leading Meetings and Conference Centre” for the past five consecutive years at the World Travel Awards, this full-service venue offers nearly 138,000 square feet of highly customizable space for groups of 10 to 10,000 participants. Hosting everything from intimate meetings and major conventions to concerts and special events, the venue is also renowned for its culinary program, ranging from gourmet Western-style preparations to Chinese banquets.

   With direct access to some 5,200 hotel rooms, Singapore Suntec also connects with Suntec City, one of Singapore’s largest malls. Here, delegates can access nearly 400 retail establishments, more than 100 dining outlets, and the Sky Garden. Suntec City also features the four-legged Fountain of Wealth, recognized as the world’s largest fountain. 

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